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Building Resilience: Not letting today be defined by yesterday with Peter Baines

By September 11, 2023Podcasts

I’m honoured to introduce Peter Baines (OAM), global speaker, author, board director, business consultant and founder of an incredible charity, Hands Across the Water. With an extraordinary background in both elite forensic services and international disaster relief efforts, Peter’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. In this episode, we explore his recently released book, “Leadership Matters,” which encapsulates the essence of authentic leadership gleaned from the heart of crisis and resilience.

As we explore resilience, Peter’s insights provide a profound understanding of how leaders can cultivate it in the face of unthinkable challenges. He stresses the power of swift decision-making and the courage to seize opportunities, even in uncertain times. The impact of a leader’s presence cannot be underestimated and Peter expresses how honesty, integrity and the courage to make decisions are attributes that leaders require now and moving into the future. He underscores that leadership’s core lies in forging genuine connections, fostering open communication, and wholeheartedly committing to making a positive impact.

Leadership Matters beautifully exemplifies the core principles of resilience. He emphasises the significance of embracing risk rather than avoiding it, as challenges are often gateways to growth. He laments the modern tendency to shield individuals from risk, which ultimately hinders their ability to tackle challenges when they arise. Peter also shares an inspiring story about a woman he works with in Thailand who demonstrated extraordinary resilience working with HIV children for 24 years. Peter reflects that her tenacity to keep going under incredibly challenging circumstances was because she didn’t let today be defined by yesterday.

Through Peter’s insights, we discover that leadership isn’t confined to theories—it’s a living, breathing force born from the crucible of real-life challenges. His journey paints a vivid picture of leadership’s evolution, from confronting the unimaginable to nurturing resilience and embracing risks. Peter’s stories of courage, hope, and unwavering dedication remind us that leadership truly does matter—it shapes not only our lives but also the lives of those we touch.

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