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Channelling Your Courage and Taking Action with Anita Jacoby

By February 27, 2024Podcasts

We all have setbacks in life – but it’s what you do with them that really matters. Today, I sit down with Anita Jacoby, one of Australia’s most distinguished television producers, as she shares her insights on resilience, her mindset on setbacks and how she forged a successful career in a male-dominated industry. We hear about how she first started channelling courage from a young age and her advice on taking action to create the life you want.

During her career, Anita has worked on some of the nation’s most credible and cutting edge programs, spanning all commercial networks, as well as the ABC, SBS and Foxtel. She has received four AFI Actor Awards, a Logie Award, a Human Rights Award and the Asia Broadcasting Union Award. She is also an author, having recently published her book Secrets Beyond the Screen, and is a notable advocate for women in leadership.

Growing up professionally in the 80s and 90s, Anita faced many challenges in the early days of commercial television, including bullying and harassment. And while misogynistic treatment was normalised, Anita was determined to demonstrate that gender shouldn’t define one’s capabilities. She talks about the importance of mentors like her father and Kevin Weldon, who empowered her and instilled the belief that anything is possible. It goes to show how crucial role models are in guiding us towards the ambitious goals we set out to achieve.

Anita speaks fondly of her father, a World War II refugee and founder of Sony in Australia, who was her greatest influence in achieving greatness. She talks about the emotional process of researching and writing about her father’s life for her memoir, and the challenges of reconciling conflicting aspects of his legacy. Anita reminds us to connect with loved ones and learn about their experiences while we’re still able.

Having experienced significant setbacks in life, Anita explains how she chooses to see the good takeaways that come from them, rather than dwell on the bad. It’s this mindset that has empowered her to muster the courage and resilience to keep going. I know you’ll be as inspired as I was to channel your own courage, develop resilience and pave a path towards the fulfilling career and life you want.


Anita’s book: Secrets Beyond the Screen: The award-winning TV producer’s compelling search for truth

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