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Elevate Your Life by Being the CEO of You

By April 2, 2024Podcasts

Today, I’m bringing you what is potentially one of my favourite podcast episodes, which is all about being the CEO of you. I’m deeply passionate about this topic and even wrote a whole chapter around it in my book, You Always Have a Choice. In this episode, we explore the decisions we can make and questions to ask ourselves in order to become the best leaders – of ourselves and others – we can be.

Embracing the CEO Mindset

Being the CEO of you is a mindset, and one of courage. It absolutely takes courage to step up and make strategic decisions for you to lead a life that you love. And to lead a life that is in complete alignment to your vision, values and the experience you want to have, you need to get really clear on your vision. Ask yourself: Where am I going in my career, my business and my relationships? How do I want to feel? How can I energise myself to live the best life I possibly can? Remember, knowledge is power. And when you choose to do something with that knowledge, that’s when your power comes into play.

Making Courageous Choices

While many people believe they can’t be leaders, it really comes down to making a choice. Will you make the choices necessary to effectively lead your own life? Leadership is all about taking courageous action, and as Maya Angelou beautifully put it, “stand up straight and realise who you are, that you tower over your circumstances”. I discuss the power of making strategic and brave decisions in all areas of your life, from relationships to work dynamics.

Self-Awareness is Key

Effectively, you need self-awareness around how you lead your life, how you experience it and how you impact others before you can be a great leader of anyone else. I take you through the technique I use with my own clients, which involves asking yourself three questions at the end of each day to really evaluate how you performed as a leader. This isn’t an opportunity to beat yourself up; it’s a powerful exercise in giving you critical insights into yourself and improving – as the leader, the partner, the parent or friend.

So join me today and learn some powerful tactics that will fuel and enable you to be the most effective CEO of you.


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