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Layers of Ugly Grit Produce the Beautiful Pearl with Kate Halfpenny

By October 10, 2022Podcasts

My guest today is someone who I consider to be an absolute rockstar, the incredible Kate Halfpenny. In this conversation, we talk about Kate’s successful career in journalism, the hardship she has faced both personally and professionally and how the challenges of life form the beautiful pearl.

Kate Halfpenny is the founder of Bad Mother Media, a boutique agency that creates the words to make businesses and entrepreneurs shine. As the former Executive Editor at WHO Magazine, Kate has interviewed almost every Australian celebrity and many international ones. She has written hundreds of cover stories and thousands of feature articles across the board.

An award-winning journalist, editor and content creation expert, Kate is inspired by words, nostalgia, vodka cocktails and Dave Grohl.

In this episode, we dive into Kate’s inspiring career journey and the many challenges which led to a mental health decline that nearly derailed her. Kate talks about her surprise redundancy from WHO Magazine, which happened around the same time as her divorce, a melanoma discovery and a breast implant explosion that leaked into her lymph nodes.

We talk about where Kate found the fortitude to keep going, and her journey since then, making a sea change, starting a business by accident, and reaching the holy grail of journalism as a columnist.

Kate is incredibly inspiring and humble with a wicked sense of humour!

Toward the end of the conversation, Kate talks about the things she does to fuel her mindset and maintain her sense of calm. These may surprise you! She also reminds us that in life, we have to experience the bad things to appreciate the good ones.


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