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The Key to Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Workplace with Adam Rowse & Catherine Duncan

By March 6, 2023March 8th, 2023Podcasts

The topic of gender equality is a huge one, not just a social issue but an economic issue as well. With International Women’s Day around the corner, I’ve asked my guests, Adam Rowse & Catherine Duncan, to join me for a conversation about creating an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Adam and Catherine are two people who have a big influence on how diverse and inclusive their organisations are and I know you’re going to discover so many takeaways as they share their wisdom and experience in this episode.

Catherine Duncan is the Chief Operating Officer at Matthews Steer Accountants & Advisers. With more than 30 years of experience in management roles, Catherine’s collaborative approach, and her wide-ranging experience across industries, nationalities and networks means she is well equipped to create an environment of support, learning and growth for both her people and her clients.

Adam Rowse is the Chief Customer Officer at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, overseeing thousands of employees while leading the Business and Agribusiness banking divisions. He is passionate about diversity and inclusion within the workplace for employees, leaders and the broader community.

In this conversation, we discuss some of the things Catherine and Adam have implemented in their businesses that have been successful in creating a more inclusive workplace. Equity is not a linear path, and we talk about some of the biggest influences in creating an inclusive workplace culture.

We dig deeper into ideas around:

  • What embracing equity means and why the pendulum has to swing further the other way to remove centuries of bias.
  • Why gender equality is imperative to a successful business
  • Embracing diversity of thought and defining targets for gender equality
  • How the unconscious bias impacts recruitment and the overall culture of a workplace
  • Why technology is one of the biggest contributors to enabling an inclusive and equitable workforce

Lastly, Catherine and Adam share their final piece of wisdom for women in the workplace. They encourage us to understand what we need, ask for what we want and get supporters around us to champion us forward in our careers.

This is a really important conversation and one that we need to have more of. Not just around International Women’s Day. Enjoy!

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