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The Relationship Reset with Lissy Abrahams

By August 21, 2023Podcasts

Joining me on the podcast today is the incredible Lissy Abrahams, a relationship therapist with a treasure trove of experience. Lissy’s work has touched numerous lives, and in our conversation, we delved into the core of relationship dynamics, how they change over time, and the resources available for couples seeking assistance.

The beginning of our conversation focused on how couples view each other. People often look at their partner as someone they’re assessing for compatibility, pondering future life together, including potential children. The irony is, as Lissy points out, we often can’t predict who our partners will become or who we will become in the relationship. The true essence of a relationship goes beyond the wedding day and the initial impressions.

For couples feeling lost in their relationship, Lissy offers a range of resources, from her book ‘Relationship Reset – How to break the cycle of conflict and create secure and lasting love ’ to more detailed courses designed to dive deeper into understanding one’s own mind. She emphasised the shortage of couples therapists available and the importance of resources like these to alleviate the increasing demand.

We also touch on what it is like to experience these stories from the perspective of the therapist. Lissy candidly shares how she manages the influx of dramatic stories, pain, and conflict she encounters. Her grounding techniques, like spending time in the park and abstaining from news that can “jangle” our nerves, play a crucial role in her self-preservation.

One of the highlights of the conversation was Lissy’s emphasis on understanding our mammalian system. We often live lives disconnected from our natural selves, filled with distress and detachment. She urges people to do the work needed to enjoy and be in harmony with our inherent nature, creating a ripple effect that benefits everyone around us.

This episode serves as a testament to the profound impact of understanding relationship dynamics and ensuring we align with our true selves. If you’ve ever felt adrift in your relationship or need strategies to ground yourself amidst life’s chaos, Lissy Abrahams is a voice worth listening to.

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