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Why you don’t need another qualification to attract your DREAM role with Sarah Makris

By October 31, 2022Podcasts

With me today is the wonderful Sarah Makris, a Career Success Coach and professional communicator with over 15 years of corporate affairs experience.

Sarah helps senior executives attract their dream roles by building successful professional or personal brands. Having worked with some of Australia’s most well known brands and high profile CEOs and directors, Sarah coaches executives around the globe to help them build their personal profiles, gain visibility, and be recognised for the leaders they are.

In this conversation, Sarah explains why you don’t need another qualification to attract your dream role and what you need to do instead.

We discuss how many professionals get stuck in the comfort zone of pursuing further study and the common presumption that securing a new role requires a new qualification. Sarah explains why this isn’t the case as we talk about:

  • What sets you apart is being seen as a leader in your industry. This requires you to put yourself out there and be visible.
  • Creating brand awareness gives you more influence, which attracts more people to you and opens up new career opportunities.
  • To build your personal brand, the first thing you need to do is get your foundation right. Invest time in understanding what you want to be known for and how you are perceived right now.
  •  The first steps every executive should have in place to build their personal brand.
  • Staying top of mind and be known as a leader in your industry.

If you are looking for fresh career opportunities and want to be seen as a leader, you don’t need more skills or education. You just need to start!

I know you’re going to find so much value in this conversation today. Sarah has also included a free download for you below – 5 simple ways to boost your career and pay packet.



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