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Empowering Wellness – Yasmin Darwish

By January 17, 2020March 26th, 2021Podcasts

Yasmin Darwish is my guest today.

Yasmin, is a former corporate success turned Kinesiologist and employee wellness enthusiast who brings along 15 years’ worth of corporate experience working for some big organisations who now run’s her own successful Kinesiology business for which has had continued success changing people’s life.

Yasmin’s work is now dedicated to helping people and companies engage in mindset and wellness activities that are proven to increase overall wellbeing and productivity.

Kinesiology and wellness sessions have empowered hundreds of men and women to grow and achieve their goals. She’s been able to help
them move forward from that stuck stagnated feeling, allowing them to have the strength and inspiration to achieve anything they truly desire.

This is an interesting chat and one that may change any beliefs you have about Kinesiology being a little ‘woo woo’!

We chat about:

  • What Kinesiology is all about
  • How it can assist with stress and burnout
  • Her workplace wellness approach
  • The importance of filling your own cup first

You’ll enjoy this and no doubt learn something new.


Yasmin Darwish