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Enabling your Genius – Michelle Broadbent

By October 19, 2021Podcasts

In this episode of the ‘Making It Count’ podcast, we sit down with Michelle Broadbent and we’re talking everything outsourcing and delegating to thrive. First, we hear how Michelle came to be a business strategist. “I’ve always been the woman behind the woman, the support person who enables someone else to be front and centre’ says Michelle. She shares how she established these skills and then transferred them into her own business.

Michelle teaches the business of running a business. ‘I know that there is an easier way to do things’ says Michelle, ‘The solution often comes from a great hire.’ It starts with understanding the needs of your business and then getting clarity on what support you are looking for. ‘The truth is you can only go so far on your own’ says Michelle, ‘success means something different to everyone but, without a team growth is not sustainable.’ It important to look at what you can offload to help you improve your ability to generate more revenue in your business.

So, for those of us who know we need to outsource, but are concerned where to start, Michelle says, ‘start with an audit of how you are currently spending your time. Next, identify the tasks on that list which are important but can be done by someone else.’ This applies in particular to bookkeeping and social media campaigns as an example. ‘A couple hours from an expert can save you many hours across your business week.’

‘Tough times don’t last but tough people do’. This was the best piece of advice Michelle has been given in her early years. She says, ‘My mission is to elevate the experience of female business owners’ says Michelle, ‘I help them harness their entrepreneurial spirit while providing practical solutions for growth. This is how Michelle is making it count in her own world, ‘I consider it a great day if I have impacted them by showing them an easier way. Because, life doesn’t need to be as hard as we often make it’.

So, sit back and enjoy this episode as Michelle Broadbent Makes It Count.


Making It Count
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