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Ep24: Julie Lander – When Opportunity Knocks.

By August 20, 2019March 26th, 2021Podcasts

Joining me on the podcast today is Julie Lander.

Julie is the CEO of CareSuper – the industry fund for professionals which is primarily for people engaged in administrative, service, professional and managerial occupations across all industries. She started at CareSuper in 2001 and was appointed CEO in 2002 and is active in the superannuation community serving as a Director of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST).

CareSuper has developed an enviable reputation as a high quality, award-winning fund, offering flexible choices, customer centric services and having delivered strong long term returns for its members.

Julie is proud to lead a high-performance organisation and believes that fostering a positive culture based on a set of clear values and a strong purpose has been integral to its success. Leveraging diversity and playing to people’s strengths enables them to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

We chat about:

  • Julie’s leadership principles and values that have been the foundation to her success
  • Tips for women to break through the perceived glass ceiling
  • The challenge that leaders need to overcome right now

Enjoy my chat with Julie