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How a Skin Condition Became a Multi-Million Dollar Beauty Empire with Jacine Greenwood

By January 30, 2023Podcasts

I am super excited to bring you this episode today, with Jacine Greenwood who is the founder of Australia’s fastest-growing beauty company Roccoco Botanicals. Jacine built her company from her kitchen bench in North Queensland because she was struggling with a lifelong acne problem. Her story is one of sheer grit, determination, self-education and belief in the art of the possible. She is a glowing leader of self.

Jacine is a single mum, former army soldier, nurse, beauty therapist and now the recipient of the beauty industry’s most prestigious international gong – the 2022 Allē Awards.

Jacine shares how her journey has been driven by curiosity and hope. She shares with us how she dug deep into her resilience to build her beauty empire while juggling chronic pain. Self-belief has driven her success and her story is incredibly inspiring.

Jacine shares with us the key mindset attributes that she adopts that contribute to her success:

  • Leading by example and camaraderie
  • Mindset – Jacine believes nothing is impossible
  • Being comfortable with being uncomfortable and tolerant of uncertainty
  • Being calm under pressure
  • There is no such thing as a mistake, there is feedback

An impressive leader of self, Jacine shares phenomenal parts of her story that give really great insight into how she has succeeded despite everything. You will be both inspired and driven to elevate your mindset after listening to this wonderful conversation.

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