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Word for Year

By January 25, 2023Articles

It’s sort of a thing for me to have a word for the year. It’s a fun way to set your intentions and theme for a trip around the sun (or even just for an event like a holiday, it doesn’t have to be 12 months.) So far in 2023 I’ve heard ‘nourish’, ‘play’ and ‘courage’ but there’s a ton to choose from.

Having a word for the year it’s something I do more often than not. I find it helps me connect to what I want and keeps me accountable when it comes to making decisions in alignment with my vision. It really sets my north star.

My word for 2023 came to me while I was out walking, thinking about how last year truly sucked. The cancer treatments and hospitalisations and diabolical lack of energy and feeling like someone else was living inside my body. I was so glad to see it tick over to a new year, fresh start.

And I decided that I can’t do dud years back-to-back so I needed to do everything in my power to make 2023 my best year ever. Yes, including the years I was running big corporate teams, and even the year I met my husband. So my word for the year is … intentional.

It was an easy pick. Intentional is something I’ve been talking about for a long time for leaders so it’s something that feels important for me to be doing personally as well as professionally.

Intentional means anything that aligns with my goals and values. I can quickly check back in and say, ‘Is this decision one I am making deliberately and with thought? Is it going to take me further?’ Entrepreneurs like me see opportunity everywhere so we can be taken off course very easily, and my mission is to make sure that while, yes, something might be a good idea it also has to be purposeful.

How am I intentionally planning on having a great year? I’ve really refined what I’m doing and am focused on two things, my key note speaking and mentoring. All my actions are going to be very intentional around those. Personally, I’ve planned holidays to my favourite Victorian beach town and to Trinity Beach in Queensland. I’m resistance training again and my intention is to get back to the strength I had pre-Covid.

Have you set your own word for the year? Maybe you don’t know where to start or it feels a bit fake to you. I get that. Here’s how I do it:

On a piece of paper, write down all the things that worked for you last year. In a second column, list what you didn’t go so well and what you don’t want from this year.

Go back to the list of things that went well. Ask what you want more of.

Choose a handful of words that describe how you want your year to feel. That feel REALLY good to you. Suggestions: abundance, joy, confidence, adventure, ease, balance.

Take some time to review them. You’ll know which one speaks to your heart as the thing you need more of.