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How Our Dress Influences Our Mood with Gessica Marmotta

By September 19, 2022Podcasts

To have a powerful personal brand presence in this noise filled world, you can’t be afraid to show the world what sets you apart from others.

Gessica Marmotta is a Sydney based international personal stylist and disruptor who is a passionate believer that you can send powerful messages through the clever artistry of individual style. She believes that your visual voice is a fierce, silent weapon against invisibility and blandness.

An incredible role model, Gessica’s vision is to create a world where artistic bravery and creative expression are revered above mediocrity and trends She will enable every woman who desires the unique, the distinctive, the sartorial flair, to fearlessly embrace & express their individual character, through their style.

Gessica makes it count in her world by being courageous and taking risks, not just with style, but with other big life decisions too. Gessica shares what risk taking has looked like in her life, and how it has shaped her journey and opened up her world.

Gessica believes that how we dress directly impacts our mood and our productivity. Gess shares how it is the fifth element of our self-care ritual and is a sign of self-respect. Clothing has a direct impact on your psychological tendencies and behavioural preferences and Gess explains it is vital to dress for the mood you want to feel, and how clothing can be transformative for not only your confidence, but your productivity as well.

Gessica also shares tips on how to edit your wardrobe and put together a ‘wow’ outfit.

This is such an empowering episode with one of the most gorgeous trailblazers and talented stylists in Australia. I know you’ll be thinking about your outfit in an inspired new way tomorrow morning!


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