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Servant Leadership – Have We Seen One of the Best?

By September 16, 2022Articles

Wow, what a week! Last Friday we woke to the news that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away. I was quite surprised by the level of emotion I felt when I heard of her passing and looked at the news. I was filled with great sadness but also admiration for a woman who spent her life in service to the Commonwealth.

Despite what you think about the monarchy, there is a lot we can take away from her reign and the leadership she demonstrated. She was a great example of servant leadership and has left a powerful legacy. Queen Elizabeth was stoic and led with dignity. She was present and consistent in her leadership. She seemed to be the constant voice in a very uncertain and constantly changing world.

This is the type of leader that people are looking for now. She didn’t always make decisions that pleased the masses. But she was there; a solid figure anchored to her purpose.

Don’t underestimate the impact of losing a public figure of such magnitude who was the voice of certainty in an uncertain world. It can be unsettling for some.

We will not see another Queen of the Commonwealth for a very long time. All eyes are now on King Charles III and how he will lead us forward.

Farewell Queen Elizabeth II and thank you for your 70 years of service. Rest in peace now with your husband.