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Kindness is the New Superpower – Colleen Callander

By September 7, 2021Podcasts

In this episode of the ‘Making It Count’ podcast, we sit down with Colleen Callander. She is the Former Sportsgirl CEO, Founder of Mentor Me Women and Author of ‘Leader by Design’. Colleen starts by sharing her passion for working and how she used a kind leadership style to become recognised by her results.

‘There are so many attributes that make up a good strong leader’, says Colleen. ‘For me, I’m passionate about the foundations of great leadership; self-awareness, values and purpose. It’s about building a strong home.’ The old style of leadership has expired. We are now in the era of kindness, compassion, humility and collaboration. I don’t believe we have enough leaders leading in this new style of leadership – Kindness is the new superpower and the new currency’ says Colleen, ‘staff need to feel safe, empowered and inspired.’

Kindness needs to extend to ourselves as leaders. In 2007, Colleen was the acting general manager of SportsGirl and had three young children. ‘I was a Red Ferrari which had never been serviced or been refuelled’ says Colleen, ‘I said yes to everything, no matter how full my plate was and, by age 36 I was burnt out.’ She took 4 months off and re-gained the balance in her life. ‘Burn out is not one size fits all – It can impact us all differently but, it comes back to self-care and setting boundaries.’

‘It’s your people who drive success’ says Colleen, ’People with purpose, equal passion and profit.’ Creating an environment where staff feel supported and cared for as human beings is key. Colleen’s book, ‘Leader by Design’, was written for female leaders to inspire confidence and self-belief. ‘I want people to become all they can be in both business, and in life.’
So, sit back and enjoy this episode as Colleen Callander Makes It Count as she leads with kindness.


Making It Count

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