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The Thing About Ownership.

By September 15, 2021Articles

I’ve been having quite a few conversations recently about ownership, or lack of. It’s very easy to blame others for a lack of performance, or a breakdown in relationship or to blame the ‘C’ word for everything that is going wrong. Believe me, I absolutely get it and have found myself doing the same. There is almost a sense of relief when it’s someone or something else’s fault.

Unfortunately, that isn’t reality.

The reality is we all play a big part in the outcomes we are creating and while we can’t control what happens to us we can control how we respond and the actions we take.

You are a product of your decisions. This includes non-decisions.

This week I encourage you to reflect on where you might be blaming or finger pointing and ask yourself this question – what is your part in the problem?

  • If your business performance isn’t where you want it to be – own it and lead it forward
  • If your employee turnover rates are increasing – own that you’ve contributed to that
  • If your culture is struggling – own that it’s a reflection of you
  • If you haven’t created the boundaries you need to – own it and create them
  • If your health and fitness isn’t where you want it to be – stop making excuses and improve it
  • If a relationship has gone sour or is struggling – own your part of that.
  • If you have made a mistake – own it and learn
  • If you are facing a challenge – own it and find a way
  • If your results aren’t where they need to be – own it and do something about it.

We all have the power to change. The first part in creating the change is taking ownership for where we are at and what we have created to date and then making a decision to change it.The