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Leadership Reimagined with Dr Jane Lovas

By September 12, 2022Podcasts

Meet Dr. Jane Lovas. She is an executive and leadership coach, thought leader, author and speaker. Jane works with women executives and leaders to expand their voice, take their seat at the table, and be a thought leader. She is the author of Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Kick Your Fears in the Ass and co-author of Seen and Sustained: Best practices in communication that increase the visibility of small and diverse businesses.

Jane believes it’s time to look at how companies both enrol and empower employees. She has taken on the mission to cause and elevate 1 million women leaders in tech by 2030. This mission is powered by the sobering fact that ~50% of women start off in organisations, but only 28% end up in senior leadership. This is something that has to change – and change quickly for the success of the industry.

This is a conversation about all things leadership – from the top down and bottom up!

In our conversation, we explore both the structural and personal reasons why women are held back, the importance of diversity and the art of leadership.

Jane’s definition of leadership – the art of empowering a group of individuals to create a vision – helps to reimagine the dynamics of leadership. We discuss methods to empower and enrol employees, and how this can be transformational for the ownership of a company’s vision and translating into action.

Jane is a woman of such vision and passion and it’s so evident she leads from her heart space. She shares with us personal stories of how her book came to be and how play and vulnerability are so important when reimagining leadership in these changing times.


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