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Leading a Remote Workforce with Julie Hyde

By March 23, 2020
Leading a remote workforce is something many leaders haven’t had to do before. Now leaders are forced to do this in a crisis situation given the current COVID-19 pandemic.
This is an incredibly tough time for leaders, one that is unprecedented. We’ve never had to face into anything like this before.
Leading a remote team can certainly present challenges when you are doing this in a ‘business as usual’ situation let alone adding the necessity of managing a crisis. Given how rapidly this has evolved, leaders have more than likely had to react quickly and get things in place in a hurry. There is so much to think about and consider, especially when we also need to be trying to keep our team as calm and focused as possible in a period of immense uncertainty.
To remove some of the cognitive load for leaders in this situation, Julie Hyde shares her experience of managing a remote workforce with you. She successfully led a large workforce for many years that were geographically spread across Melbourne.
The success of this was largely due to the systems and processes that were implemented and the culture that was created to support them.
Julie shares 4 of her top tips for you in an effort to help make things a little easier at such a difficult time.