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Steering Through the Storm True to You with Leah Mether

By January 16, 2024Podcasts

In times of uncertainty, effective leadership becomes essential. The ability to navigate storms, whether personal or professional, requires resilience, empathy, and a real focus on communication. My guest today is Leah Mether, a renowned speaker, trainer, and author, who joins me to share her insights on leading through challenging times. We dive deep into her experiences and expertise to explore the strategies and mindset required to successfully guide teams and oneself through storms.

In this episode, we dive into some of the wisdom Leah writes about in her book, Steer Through The Storm. And let me tell you, the strategies Leah shares have been tried and tested in her own life. During our conversation, Leah candidly shares how she approached her marriage separation and divorce with love, kindness and compassion as her anchor.

We talk about the importance of leaders recognising their responsibility to steer their teams through change, not just initiating the change. Even if the change is not within their control, leaders must guide their teams, providing support, empathy, and clear communication. This is what true leadership is.

Furthering this topic, we also spoke about the significance of balancing empathy and accountability. Understanding how humans instinctively respond to change is crucial. By expecting resistance and acknowledging the varied emotional reactions, leaders can create a safe space for open dialogue. Curiosity, rather than anger, can help leaders understand the fears and concerns of their team members.

Toward the end of the episode, Leah shares a powerful insight which drives home the importance of long-term thinking. She shares how asking yourself what you want to be known for helps to create a touchstone that you can come back to during challenging times. As leaders, doing this helps us to rise above the momentary difficulties and envision the future we want to build.

Change is inevitable but how we as leaders choose to navigate it is what sets us apart. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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