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Rising Above Limiting Beliefs

By January 18, 2024Articles, Leadership

Has someone ever said something to you that cut deep?

In the corridors of my high school, echoing through the years, were the words of my English teacher, “You’ll fail English and won’t achieve much in life.” Needless to say, she didn’t like me. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was because I ate Twisties in her classroom? None the less, those words, sharp and cutting, left a deep mark on my young, impressionable mind. I was deflated, my confidence shattered. The world I knew, where teachers were supposed to be beacons of encouragement, suddenly seemed bleak.

Returning home that day, a mix of sadness and defeat in my eyes, I confided in my parents. Seeing my distress, they acted promptly, introducing me to a tutor who became much more than just a guide in English. This tutor not only helped me gain my confidence but also instilled in me a belief in my abilities.

The outcome? Not only did I pass English, but I also crafted an essay so remarkable that my teacher, who doubted me, wanted to submit it to a competition for her credit. The irony was not lost on me. From being seen as a potential failure to becoming a source of pride, the transformation was profound.

This experience was a cornerstone in my journey. I went on to carve a successful corporate career, run a six-figure business for over 15 years (continuing through my cancer journey), and authored two books. Each step reinforced the belief that succumbing to the limiting beliefs of others only serves to hold us back. It’s a testament to the power of self-belief, resilience and perseverance.

It also fuelled a defiance and passion within – if you say I can’t, I’ll show you that I can!
In my new book, “You Always Have a Choice,” I delve into this theme, offering tools and techniques to discover and anchor yourself to your true identity. It’s a guide for those who, like my younger self, may face doubts and limits imposed by others. This book is not just a reflection of my journey but a beacon for those, who might be grappling with similar challenges.

The lesson is clear: The limiting beliefs of others are just that – limitations they perceive, not your reality. Your potential is boundless. Every setback, every doubt, is an opportunity to choose a different path, one that leads to self-realisation and success.

Because in the end, you always have a choice.

And by the way, my Mum wanted to send her a copy of my first book Busy? when I first wrote it!!