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Supporting Women to Rise – Part 1 with Megan Dalla-Camina

By March 13, 2023Podcasts

As women, we’re experiencing record levels of burnout on a global scale. We experience inequality in the workplace, struggle to prioritise ourselves and often lack the opportunity to look up. In today’s episode, I chat with the amazing Megan Dalla-Camina about gender equality and the incredible work she does supporting women to rise in the workplace.

As well as being an award-winning marketing director and strategist for corporate heavyweights, Megan is a bestselling author and the founder of Women Rising. Her company aims to empower women in their career leadership journey and in their lives.

Megan has fought for a new path for women to own their power, embrace their sovereignty and rise. She shares her own background in experiencing a male dominated world where, like so many of us, she was taught to believe this was the norm.

We dive into areas such as:

  • The way we are conditioned and how under the patriarchy, women face the same challenges in all age groups and across many different cultures
  • How women feel guilty about putting themselves first, which results in massive burnout in their lives
  • Giving ourselves permission to prioritise our own wellbeing and create agency over our own lives
  • The approach Megan takes in leading women to take back their power

Megan has so much powerful insight to share on such a complex issue, and this is just Part 1 of our incredible conversation.

I hope this episode inspires you to think about the structures in our society and how they may be holding you back from rising up in your power.

Melanoma March
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