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Opening the Book of You

By March 15, 2023Articles

I was reflecting the other day and thinking how lucky I was. Not just because I have a wonderful husband, great friends and family but because of what I do. I actually get to interview incredible people and listen to their stories as part of my work, as part of my mission and it’s pretty darn amazing!

There is such power in a story. We all have one. In fact, we all have many, many stories that would make loads of chapters of very interesting reading.

The problem is that so many people believe their story is nothing special. That it’s no different to anyone else and it’s certainly not something that’s unique. I call BS on that and I’d love for people to change their mindset about this.

We’re never going to get anywhere being a closed book. Remember the good ole’ Melways that used to get us from A to B in Melbourne. Other states had similar maps. But we had to open the Melways, we had to follow the lines on the page to get us to a particular destination, know when to turn left or right and figure out what page connected to the next (it wasn’t as simple as just turning the page! Page 3 often connected to page 35!).

What was incredibly helpful was a good navigator. Someone to follow the route and flip the pages over. That navigator was a crucial person to the journey’s success. The better the directions, the better the trip was.

It’s similar to a leader taking their team on a journey or a mentor empowering their mentee to level up and step into their light. The more you can share about the journey; your experiences, what you have encountered, where the obstacles could be personally and professionally, the better the experience.

Because of course you can do that. You have walked a similar path. You have taken a similar journey and you’re here better and brighter to tell the tale.

Megan Dalla-Camina, Founder and CEO of Women Rising has an amazing story to share and you can tune into that by clicking here. She understands by being vulnerable and opening the ‘Book of Megan’, she can empower women globally to rise. That’s powerful.

Start sharing your stories. If you are not sure about your story or what to share that would align with where you are going, let’s sit down and have a chat and uncover the richness to the ‘Book of X’.