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The Epiphany I Had Whilst Going Through Cancer

By March 26, 2024Podcasts

A lot of people have been asking me recently about my motivation for writing my latest book, You Always Have a Choice. Anyone who has written a book will know that every piece of work is incredibly personal so today I’m sharing my reasons behind writing this book and the impact I hope it will have on those who read it.

My Epiphany in the Mirror

During my battle with cancer, I experienced a transformative moment that changed everything. I had been misdiagnosed twice, which led to my final diagnosis being stage three cancer, meaning that the cancer had spread. I was so angry and I wanted revenge for this incredible pain and trauma I was going through.

One day I looked in the mirror and I didn’t necessarily like the person staring back at me. I questioned who I was and who I wanted to be and I said to myself, “you always have a choice”. I could go down the victim path and sink into a deep hole of anger and blame. Or, I could choose to lead myself through the darkness in the best way I possibly could. Thankfully, I chose the latter and that’s when my mindset completely changed.

Choosing to Lead

I decided to take control of my life story. Instead of giving in to despair, I chose to guide myself through the challenges ahead. I had so many tools and techniques available to me, things that I had used in my coaching and workshops, and when I started applying them to myself, I really started noticing the difference. My mindset completely changed and I was determined to beat cancer and live a life of empowerment.

Advocating for Myself

One of the biggest lessons I learned throughout my cancer journey, and am still learning now, is to advocate for myself. When you feel out of control, it’s vital that you speak up and begin to use your voice. This is something I write about in my book, to help you position yourself in an authentic way so that you can be seen and heard. We’re not necessarily born with resilience and confidence. These are things that need to be cultivated.

Tools and Techniques to Empower Others

I speak with so many people who are overwhelmed, angry and heading towards burnout but I want to empower them with practical tools to help them navigate whatever it is they are facing in the best possible way. Everyone is faced with challenges in life, in our careers and in business, but what matters is how we respond. We always have a choice to lead our lives on purpose. Life is too short to do it any other way.


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