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The Social Shift – Lee Ussher

By June 23, 2020March 26th, 2021Podcasts

Lee Ussher is my guest today.

Lee is head of Digital & Social Media Management at Buzz Web Media. A nationally recognised digital marketing agency Lee co-founded, that specialises in servicing companies and leaders establish their brands, and expand customer reach online.

With over 20 years of consulting and training experience, 15 of them within the marketing industry, Lee has developed her career as a professional speaker, and residency mentor for University New England’s Regional Incubator Program. As a media commentator, Lee is referenced for her thoughts on developing brand leadership, social media trends and digital influence.

As a presenter and trainer, Lee is known for delivering practical methods and easy to use resources that any business size can implement to build credibility and maintain an authority of influence. In the last decade her innovative marketing strategies have been showcased alongside recognised brands such as Microsoft, Telstra, Optus, and NAB at national conferences and forums.

Lee’s passion for helping others rise and curiosity for digital marketing means she still loves getting her hands dirty developing 2 personal media projects: Women With Wit and SER4KIDS, whilst acting as a board advisor and director for 2 organisations.

We chat about the impact of COVID-19 on Social and how this has impacted our positioning and ability to influence in this space:

  • What has shifted with social media
  • The importance of the intention of your messaging
  • How to use social to strengthen your social networks
  • The importance of keeping your eye on future shifts in this space.


Buzz Web Media

Lee Ussher