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The Value of Connection When Your Fears Kick In

By February 15, 2024Articles, Leadership

Last week was a huge one for me. I finally held the launch of my new book “You Always Have a Choice”. It’s interesting how such a big occasion for me was filled with growth and lessons.

Launching a book brought all my doubts to the forefront. Questions like, “Who am I to do this? Is my work even worthwhile?” echoed in my mind, a classic case of imposter syndrome.

This isn’t a rare feeling; according to an article in the Harvard Business Review, one third of people suffer from it and around 70% of people (it’s not exclusive to women) go through similar doubts at some point. A common cause is the want for perfectionism, which is exactly the pressure I was putting on myself! Knowing I wasn’t alone in this was somewhat comforting, but it didn’t immediately dispel my fears.

Before I could fully appreciate the support of my family, friends and supporters at the launch, I had to take a crucial step myself. I needed to ground myself in my own values and remind myself of the kind of leader I wanted to be. This self-anchoring was essential; it allowed me to stand firm in my identity and purpose, setting the stage for me to embrace the support around me with confidence.

When the night came, seeing my community there to support me was incredible. Their belief in me, even when my own belief wavered, was a powerful reminder that I was not on this journey alone.

Maya Angelou’s words, “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver,” resonated deeply with me during this time. The support from my friends was not just about bolstering my confidence; it was a reflection of their own values and the joy they found in supporting someone they believed in.

The launch turned out to be a fantastic event, filled with insightful discussions and positive feedback. It underscored the importance of community support and self-belief. But more than that, it highlighted how crucial it is to first anchor yourself in your values and your leadership. This foundation not only helps you overcome doubts but also enables you to show up as the leader you aspire to be, proud and grounded in your purpose.

The key lesson from this experience is clear: while the support of those around us is invaluable, it’s our own internal anchoring that allows us to fully embrace and benefit from that support. This combination of self-awareness and community backing is what truly helps us navigate through moments of doubt and emerge stronger on the other side.

You can check out some photos from the evening here.