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Understanding the Cause of Self Doubt & Turning it into Self Belief with Sas Petherick

By January 16, 2023Podcasts

At some point in our lives, we all experience self doubt and it shows up in different ways for everyone. That’s why understanding the root cause of our own self doubt is one of the most important steps to overcoming it.

My incredible guest today is Sas Petherick, a woman on a mission to help humans understand the root causes of self-doubt and cultivate tangible and sustainable self belief, self acceptance, self worth and self trust.

Sas is the Founder of the Self Belief School and the Self Belief Coaching Academy, having worked with hundreds of people around the world to overcome self doubt and connect to their self belief. Sas is also the host of Courage & Spice: The podcast for humans with self doubt, where she shares evidence-based resources and original proven coaching tools to teach people how to develop robust self belief.

In this episode, Sas shares the biggest game changing moment that led her to the work she’s doing now. She reflects on a time in her life when her relationship with alcohol needed a shake up and how she began facing things in her life instead of running away.

Sas shares some amazing insights into how self doubt shows up in our lives and what she has learned through her many years of experience. We talk about:

  • Why we need to slow down and reflect on what we are, where we’re going and what is meaningful to us.
  • How self doubt shows up in different ways for different people. Sas shares the 4 patterns and behaviours of self doubt: overwork, overgiving, feeling overwhelmed and overthinking.
  • Some common root causes of self belief and how the wider cultural narratives and our own “meaning making” impact our sense of self.
  • Courage enables confidence but it will always feel awful during the process. Learn to embrace the process and don’t wait to have confidence before you start doing something.

Toward the end of the episode, Sas shares some tips to help you work through self doubt, particularly if you’re an overworker or perfectionist. There is no quick fix to building confidence, but as you practise compassion and embrace imperfection, you will soon discover that your confidence has grown.

There is so much gold in what Sas shares today. I know you’re going to get so much out of this episode.

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