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You Can’t Lead Effectively, Until You Can Lead Yourself First.

By January 4, 2023Podcasts

I’m super excited to have you join me here for the first episode of Leading You.

As I mentioned last year I had a little secret and this was it – a new name! This new name encompasses everything that the podcast has become. It feels so aligned with the conversations I’ve been having and will be having with all the incredible guests I have lined up for you this year.

I dig deep with my guests, uncovering their road maps for success, how they’ve remained anchored through challenge and disruption, insights into their courage and resilience and how to be emotionally and behaviourally agile.

In this first episode of Leading You, I share with you why self-leadership is so important to your success now and into the future. First and foremost, you cannot lead others until you are a leader of self. But one of the hardest things to do is to lead yourself. You need to take responsibility for your language, biases and mindset – that can be really confronting.

I discuss how self-leadership is also a critical skill to have to be equipped for the future of work. I explain recent research undertaken by McKinsey Global Institute, that outlines the high-level skills that will become increasingly important as automation, AI and robotics take hold. These include:

  • Cognitive (critical thinking and mental flexibility)
  • Interpersonal (relationships and teamwork)
  • Self-leadership (self-awareness and self-management)
  • Digital (fluency and systems thinking)

I also clarify why self-leadership is not self-absorbed. Your self-leadership is the basis for all your actions. If you know what you stand for, what your values are and the legacy you want to create, then you are equipped for success.

It is so vital to invest time into leading you. I leave you with three easy questions that give you a great checkpoint to reflect on your leadership each and every day.


Peter Drucker

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