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The Year of the Ferrari

By December 11, 2014February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

FerrariThis year has reminded me of a Ferrari – red, fast and loud. It’s something that you look at and get whiplash when it flies past! So if you’re feeling exhausted right about now I think you’re in good company!

This time of year often brings about the obligatory business associate catch ups where the talk is often about the year that has been and the trials and tribulations associated with it. So far, everyone I speak with has mentioned the enormity of this year, the challenge, the pace and the turbulence. There are dark rings under the eyes of very tired people looking forward to the Christmas break this year more than ever.

I’ve not long returned from my honeymoon where I had the opportunity to totally switch off and had some time to just breathe. During this time it became apparent to me that I was caught up in a vortex of just doing, keeping up and getting stuck ‘in’ my business. My time out allowed me to get clarity around what was happening in my world and even more importantly what needed to change. If I didn’t have this time out (and granted it was rather a unique occasion!) I would still be stuck in the vortex!

Over this Christmas period, we as leaders really need to, and I emphasise really need to stop and reflect. We need to accept that 2015 isn’t going to slow down, the Ferrari will keep its pace but it could be a little more tempered if we drive it the right way. We need to ensure we are taking our foot off the pedal at the right time to avoid the speeding fine and the pain associated with that. We need to keep the noise levels down during certain period to allow us time to think while still looking great on the outside – as all Ferrari’s do.

Fast is our new normal, just like busy is your normal state of being now – make this work for you. Fast is not sustainable to any engine – it needs maintenance. Lock in your service times. You’ll thank yourself for it and I can pretty much guarantee the wheels will not fall off just because you’re taking some quiet time! You’ll get much more mileage from them.