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The Secret To High Performance

By October 4, 2016February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

motivation“Typically, if you reward something, you get more of it. You punish something, you get less of it. And our businesses have been built for the last 150 years very much on that kind of motivational scheme.” ~ Daniel Pink

There’s no secret that business and people have significantly changed. These changes have created the need for leaders to disrupt how they operate their business and how they themselves operate in business.

Genders, cultures and generations have magnified people and performance issues in the past 5 years in particular. Leaders are questioning how they get the best from their team and how they lead people they really aren’t familiar with from an ‘operational’ point of view. The question of ‘how do I motivate my team?’ is often asked and pondered by leaders who know what they know and have been told in the past.

Daniel Pink is an expert in this area and likes to shake up conventional thinking about human motivation and has written a bestselling book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. He also has a fantastic TED Talk (currently in the top 20) The Puzzle Of Motivation.

He challenges conventional thinking of motivation by extrinsic means such as carrots and sticks and looks at the now intrinsic drive; autonomy, mastery and purpose, for motivating people to do 21st century tasks.

Grab a tea or coffee and take the time to watch The Puzzle of Motivation here. It could be your answer to the question you’ve been asking and the key to creating a high performing business with an engaged team.