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A story from an iphone

By November 8, 2010February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership

I hear and see a lot of things. I’ve been to many fabulous restaurants, even caught a few movies, travelled overseas and interstate and attended many sporting events (AFL being the dominant code watching a team with the colors of yellow and black)! They’re not very good! I’m forever taking photos of people too. Some very cute, some funny and some just plain crazy! I am a very important I phone and I have many stories to tell.

My owner is a professional person who is, in my opinion, addicted to his phone. He’s a great looking guy and dresses very professionally. I feel kinda special as I’m taken everywhere and treated with great care. His partner says I’m more important to him than she is. And I don’t really want to provide my opinion. I prefer to stay right out of that one!

We travel to his workplace every day, in his shiny car always stopping for a coffee and catching up on the news on the way. There are always conversations in the car, never a dull moment. I feel sorry for his assistant though, as he is always barking orders at her and I sometimes wish I had an instant voice control function so I could deliver his message in a different way. And a please and thank you function – very important! And this is all pre 8am. The same thing, every day!

Our days consist of meetings, lunches, meetings, coffee and some more meetings. Meeting for planning the next meetings and then a meeting to confirm the meeting! I am a little prone to exaggeration but I’m not far off the mark! It’s funny this world he lives in. I get the impression that people need to justify their existence, play the game to get ahead in the world. However, we seem to see the same people at the same meetings as everyone is playing the same game. They all morphe into one and do not seem to be getting ahead. How can they, no one distinguishs themselves like we I Phones do.

There is no one in particular that stands out to me from these meetings. They all have the corporate business speak and they all have the same agenda. Themselves! That’s what most important to these people. I find that really quite astounding. In my world, we are all here to serve. We are on this planet to make life as easy as possible for our owners, always trying to improve functionality, being innovative to stay ahead of the game, protection our Brand image by being the best on the market. Humans don’t seem to have the same values, well at least the majority of those we meet.

There was one person who I will always remember from one of these meetings we had. He was a great listener, demonstrated great empathy and was dynamic when he spoke. He commanded attention and people seemed to respect him in the room. His point of difference was his natural confidence. He was sure of who he was and what he stood for and had nothing to prove. He impressed me and it was a shame he didn’t stick around in these meetings longer. People really could have learnt from him.

We I Phones see and hear a lot. We are an integral part of our owners lives. Soon we may be able to talk back and provide you with the wisdoms of quiet observations. We’d love for you to have the Brand image that we do and distinguish yourselves from the masses. Until then, I encourage you to look at us, even if you have to look at another model phone not quite as sexy as us, and ask your phone, “What did you observe of me and others today that could make a big difference to my life?”

"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday."Don Marquis