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Are You A Leader That Empowers Or Repels?

By September 17, 2015February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

tipping-point“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —Maya Angelou

Are you the type of leader people want to be around?

Or are you the type of leader people want to stay away from?

In the cutthroat, fast paced, dynamic world of business people are looking for mentorship, direction and vision. They don’t have time to play games, nor do they have the appetite to put up with certain behaviours.

And yet leaders seem to have the belief they can show up and behave according to how they feel. They still believe they can behave poorly if they are feeling grumpy, challenged, upset, filled with dread about work, have cash flow issues, have staff issues or fill in the blank with the number of issues that any business leader faces on any given day. And there are plenty. So they seem to think they can simply show up like a bundle of misery each day.

If the above is you, you’re in the wrong place either mentally, physically or both. And it’s time to take responsibility for where you are at rather than taking it out on everyone else. Being this way causes people to want to stay away from you. You’re repelling others at a time when you need to be inspiring, empowering and charismatic rather than a wet blanket.

If you have lost the passion for what you’re doing, dreading going to work each day, hating what you are doing and feeling miserable it’s time for a change. You either need to disrupt your thinking or make a change in direction or career. Because you being this way isn’t going to improve your situation.

It’s not that simple I hear you say? No it’s not. However, how you are behaving right now isn’t easy either, on you or others. It takes a significant amount of energy to be miserable and negative but you’re doing that!

This blog might not be speaking to you directly but it could be speaking to someone around you. Do them a favour and send it to them. The best possible thing you can do for them is bringing it to their attention.

And if you’re not sure if this is you or not, the uncertainty would suggest that it is. Even if you aren’t like this 100% of the time, even showing up like this 20% of the time is inappropriate and very unfair on those around you. Think about the leader you need to be and how you want people to perceive you. Even better, how do you want people to feel after interacting with you? As the quote above states, people will remember how you made them feel. Once you’ve established this work backwards to determine how you need to be for this to be your new reality.

You have created who you are right now; you have the power to change it.