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Audio for Vision with Distinction

By August 25, 2010February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership

The most successful leaders and the most successful businesses all have a crystal clear vision. A vision is the visual portrait representing the highest intention of what you are trying to achieve. It sets the foundation for all of the activity you do in business and leadership, including goal setting.

Vision is one of the most important aspects in creating a dynamic and successful business. It is creating your business future today. Unfortunately it can be the one thing that is sacrificed in the pursuit of productivity, client service and profit. In other words, focusing on the immediate results in the now.

We have included an audio for you to listen to or you can download the MP3 version, highlighting the benefits of creating a vision for you as a leader, in business or both.

The audio explains:

1. What vision actually is and what it means to business;

2. The power of creating a vision; and 

3. What to consider when creating vision