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Bringing Your Best to 2022 – Julie Hyde

By December 16, 2021Podcasts

“So, this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun.” For the final ‘Making It Count’ podcast of 2021 I am sharing some of the biggest takeouts of this year’s episodes. We have had the privilege of amazing guests being part of Making It Count, so I am sharing with you some of their top tips so we can bring our best into 2022.

One of the biggest take-aways from the episodes this year is to ‘Slow down to go fast’. There is a difference between working to live and living to work. Sleep and sustainable healthy routines and are all incredibly important to our perspective and alignment to our values. There is power in reflection – giving yourself the time and space to reflect on your actions to be able to adjust quickly, rather than falling into bad habits. It’s about creating quiet space for your mind, which allows you to find meaning and, create boundaries around the tasks you do each day.

Rest and self-care are essential. You cannot lead others if you are not confident in your self-care routine.

Are you making the time to attend appointments to look after you? Your health is your wealth! Are you making time to disconnect from technology? Are you making time for the priorities in your life? We need to develop good habits that will transcend the January resolutions.

And finally, we need to be intentional. Intentional with our actions and words. It’s about operating and living in alignment with your vision, to be the best possible version of yourself for 2022. Kindness is key. Throughout the pandemic, kindness has been shifted to the forefront of our minds. A smile or a text can make such a big difference. It’s the mindset of growth, abundance and gratitude.

So, sit back and enjoy this episode discussing how we can Bring our Best to 2022.


Making It Count
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