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Business Growth – Ask Better Questions

By July 31, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership

Business Growth – Ask Better Questions

There is one lesson that I have learnt constantly throughout my career and my entrepreneurial journey – ask questions! And lots of them. If you want to achieve expediential business growth, having insatiable curiosity and asking questions are a sure fire way to get there.

How Do Questions Assist In Business Growth?

business growthThink of children growing up, they have the innate ability to question. They want to know the whys and the hows of all the what’s and are not really accepting of the answer ‘just because’. This is how they grow and develop. This is how they learn. The better quality responses they receive, the better the learning. Business growth is no different.

Little kids don’t know to ask better questions, nor do they understand that ‘why’ questions gets incredibly tiring! As a business leader, to achieve strong business growth, you need to be asking great questions. These questions will come in many forms. You may be asking questions of:

  • Successful people who have achieved strong business growth
  • Your team for their ideas on how to achieve business growth
  • Your mentors for business growth ideas
  • Yourself, for how you could do things better or the reason why something didn’t work
  • Yourself again for the reasons why you have achieved success in a particular area to ascertain if it can be duplicated
  • Your clients to understand what they are wanting and needing from you and if they are satisfied
  • Your peers for the success tips that they can share
  • Your predecessors for their tips for business growth

Do you get the picture?

Business Growth and Better Questions

The better the questions you ask, the better the responses are going to be. You want better business growth ideas; ask better questions around this specific topic. Simple ‘why’ questions are not going to get you rich answers. You need to be very specific. Start with the outcome in mind. What is it specifically that you want to know about business growth by asking this question? Have a second question to ask to dig deeper about business growth strategies. And so on. Don’t simply accept the answer given, ask questions around that response. Of course you need to be careful not to turn this into an interrogation so be sure to preface the questions with and acknowledgement or simply stating that you are curious.

The art of questions will allow you to gather some great business growth ideas and enable you to decide on which to implement and when into your business.

If you would like to learn more from successful leaders and have someone else ask the questions, register for The Business Leadership Academy for great insights for business growth.