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Business Leadership Academy – Interview with Michael Firth

By June 20, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership, leadership

Our next Business Leader interview is with Michael Firth.

The interview will be held on the phone Wednesday 22nd June at 12pm. 

I’m not sure that I have met someone with more energy and passion for life than Michael! With his experience in sales, relationship building, networking and leading large teams of people, Michael has a lot to share with us.

"With more twenty years experience in sales and marketing and over 15 years performing from stage, Michael has worked with many large corporations and now has his own Sales Coaching and training business StorieSelling.

Simultaneously with his role as a speaker and trainer in the corporate world via StorieSelling, Michael also developed and led a team of a few thousand people within the Network Marketing Industry across five countries and now sits on the Australian advisory board for Max International as a result.

Michael’s expertise and speciality is creating and presenting passionate action packed seminars and training events, both live and online targeting the skills and needs of small business operators and sales teams across the country."

Please don't keep this to yourself. Share this with others that you know will benefit and ask them to register via the link below.

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