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Business Leadership Tip #7

By May 19, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership, leadership


A key leadership trait is the ability to identify potential obstacles that may present challenges to business growth and development. While you may not be able to identify all of them (some will happen through natural causes such as our recent natural disasters), others you will be able to foresee.

To be able to identify obstacles, you need to have clarity in your direction and understand your plan in intricate detail as to how you will reach your destination. Secondly, you need to allow yourself the time to elevate yourself above the action of the day to day to a position of strategic view. It is only then that you will have the headspace and the opportunity to look ahead and see what is coming.

For example, whilst we cannot see a natural disaster coming, we should be able to see the potential impact it has on our business. And importantly the impact it has on how your clients do business with you. A great example at the moment is the impact on particular industries of the strong Australian Dollar. This is impacting on the tourism and import industries dramatically. It is also impacting on our overall economy. How does it impact on your business, your short and long-term plans and your clients?

While business leaders need to wear many hats, the obstacle identifier hat is important and one that should be worn often in your business. Plan the time to look ahead. One thing I say to my clients is ‘raise your eyes’. Lift your sight from the day to day that we can get trapped in and look ahead. In our rapidly changing and fast paced environment, it is critical to your success.