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Connecting Back to Your Inner Athlete and So Much More with Brett Lillie

By November 13, 2023Podcasts

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my special guest, Brett Lillie, who is a coach, speaker, chiropractor, and author of the book, Rediscover Your Athlete Within. Today we delve into Brett’s journey, the inspiration behind writing his book plus insights into how we can connect back to our inner athlete. Brett’s life is an inspiring story of transformation, resilience, and rediscovering one’s true potential – let’s dive in!

In this episode, Brett shares how life-altering experiences, including a divorce and a battle with cancer caused him to dig deeper within himself and question the meaning of his life and his own desires. With cancer and his 50th birthday looming, Brett decided to take action on his book idea, which he describes as a personal development journey in and of itself.

Brett’s experiences forced him to confront his identity and long-held beliefs. We talk about the significance of seasons like these that shake our foundations and help us overcome our limiting beliefs. Brett emphasises the importance of looking inward, addressing your inner critic, and having honest conversations with yourself to navigate major life transitions.

We also talk about the power of mindset and how it impacts not only our thoughts but also our physical well-being. Brett explains how movement is integral to our learning process and creativity and we discuss the connection between mindset, movement, and embodying a more present and fulfilled life.

Brett firmly believes that everyone has an athlete within them. We might not all be Olympic athletes, but Brett encourages us to revisit the moments of play, curiosity, and adventure in our childhood. These are the building blocks of our inner athlete, finding those moments when your mindset and body were perfectly aligned, and you were fully present and engaged in life.

Toward the end of the episode, Brett shares a sneak peek at his 10-step process for personal growth and rediscovery. The journey begins with understanding where you are and who you are, followed by transformation, becoming your best self, and defining your “why.”

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