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Creating Space.

By March 26, 2020Articles

The past couple of weeks have been, in a word, manic. I know I am not alone and this is the case for many. With things evolving so rapidly, I have been completely absorbed and reactive to this pandemic and the government directives, trying to think ahead, albeit not well, but mostly trying to keep up and support my clients the best way I can. It has been relentless and exhausting.

We’re not even 90 days into 2020 and yet I feel like it’s been 9 months!

This current situation has created so much fear, panic, uncertainty, loss of control and has challenged the absolute fundamental of human needs if you base it on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs:

· Physiological needs – such as food, sleep and shelter

· Safety – employment, health, resources

· Love and belonging – sense of connection

Is it any wonder people are feeling a complete loss of control.

To be asked to self-isolate as much as possible, not see family and friends, not hug, touch, meet or go to a football game and be amongst your tribe is against who we are as people even though it is completely necessary right now.

I have elderly parents and to think that I would be putting their health at risk if I so much as visit them breaks my heart. Because it’s at times like these that you want to be with those you love and are close to. But we can’t.

I have spoken with many people who are feeling very overwhelmed, worried, fearful and just simply don’t know what to do. This weights heavy and all you want to do is help because help and support is what people need right now.

One thing we must all remember is the only thing you can control in these situations is you. To support others, you must first support you. You need to put your oxygen mask on first if you are going to be any help to others in the long or short term. Our lives are nowhere near ‘normal’ and that alone is a stress; pile everything else we’re dealing with on top of that and you have a huge load to carry.

We need to create some calm space in order to breathe and think, or not even think at all to support us in getting through this. Your mental health and your energy levels are imperative right now. You need to protect and fuel both. Be very cautious what you are listening to, base decisions on fact not panic. Take time out to breathe deeply and calm your thoughts. Ensure you are getting outside, go for a walk, take time to meditate or journal, or just sit in silence and listen. Be vulnerable and talk to friends and family about how you are feeling, they will want to help you too. Let them know how they can support you.

Most of all, especially now, please take care of you.