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Ep25: Elan Pamensky – Knowledge is Power

By September 3, 2019March 26th, 2021Podcasts

Joining me today is Elan Pamensky.

Elan is an advisor and mentor to start-ups and small businesses across Australia. He loves the challenge of helping companies reach their business growth potential.

Elan left his suit and tie behind in the corporate world at Sensis and started Cloud CFO – a team of experts that specialises in everything finance-related for start-ups. Cloud CFO provides expert guidance around the financial and business roadblocks that so many companies face in their early growth stages.

An ultra-marathon man, he loves a challenge and pushing beyond the boundaries for adrenalin-filled achievements in business and life.

There is a key theme throughout this podcast and that is knowledge is power. The better you know your finances the better decisions you can make for your business.

We chat about:

  • How Elan supports small business in the financial and technology space
  • Tips for better managing the financial aspect of business
  • Elan’s running and how this supports him

This is a great chat with lots of good tips shared. Enjoy!


Cloud CFO