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From the Brink of Death to an Award Winning Entrepreneur Changing Lives

By March 19, 2024Podcasts

Today I’m joined by the incredible Kate Save, the founder & CEO of BeFit Food. Among it’s many accolades BeFit Foods was named Telstra Victorian Business of the Year in 2018, number 29 in the AFR Fast Starters in 2019, and the Telstra Victorian Business of the Year again in 2022 for championing health.

As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a clinical dietitian, exercise physiologist, and diabetes educator. From a young age, Kate faced severe health issues that went undiagnosed for years. Many doctors suggested something Kate was eating was to blame. While this was later proven not to be the case it fuelled an interest in food that she’s carried through her life.

Kate’s journey to become an award-winning entrepreneur is a story of resilience and passion. So, listen in, enjoy, and get inspired!

The Birth of BeFit Food
Kate’s first foray into business was running Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition. This started as personal training and dietitian services that grew into a large gym with 16 health professionals on staff. It was during this work that Kate discovered a common problem for her clients. She could give them all the information about the food that would improve their health, but it was difficult for them to access the food consistently. When they were busy they’d reach for meal replacement shakes, which Kate believes set them up for long-term failure.

Recognising a gap in the market for convenient, healthy meal options, Kate launched BeFit Food. It became her mission to provide customers with healthy whole-food meals right to their doors. She spent years creating recipes that reached the medical gold standard and would be effective in improving health outcomes.

Swimming in the Shark Tank
Once the product was perfected, Kate knew she needed backing and guidance. So, she appeared on Shark Tank to pitch BeFit Food to a panel of investors in front of millions of viewers. Far above skydiving or bungee jumping, she recalls this experience as the most terrifying thing she’s ever done. However, thanks to diligent preparation and a genuine confidence in her company Kate impressed the audience and the investors.

Running a Business in a Pandemic.
One of the biggest challenges Kate has faced with BeFit Food was the impact of Covid-19. Most people were struggling financially and those who had money were spending it on at-home indulgences. With no weddings, holidays, or other celebrations weight loss took a back seat and BeFit Food suffered greatly. There were discussions on pivoting BeFit and targeting different markets but Kate wouldn’t do it. She started BeFit to help people improve their health and didn’t want to lose that. It was a difficult choice but one that paid off in the long run as people are now investing in their health again.

Kate is such a positive force in this world, and I hope you love listening to this conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it. Her story has a lot of wisdom that can be useful to entrepreneurs, but her biggest message is useful for all of us.
Remember our bodies are our homes for life, so let’s treat ’em right. After all, investing in our health is the ultimate key to living our best lives.


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