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It’s Time to be Your Own Coach with Janelle Johnston

By November 21, 2022Podcasts

Janelle Johnston, or JJ as she likes to be called, has a passion for developing her client’s public speaking abilities, so they can utilise their voice as a marketing tool in their business. JJ has helped thousands of business owners transform their lives and their businesses through her live events, online training, personal coaching and her podcast – Be Your Own Best Coach with JJ – and her soon-to-be retreat. She understands the power of people and strongly believes that the most powerful competitive advantage in any business is achieved by utilising and developing people’s potential. I 100% agree with that!

JJ makes it count by making a positive difference which is the most powerful legacy she can think of leaving.

In our conversation, we discuss how to use social media in a way that uplifts and empowers us. JJ reveals how her work on social media is not about the likes but about how many lives she can touch. She encourages us to not seek recognition but flip the mindset to focus on serving.

For us to be the best version of ourselves, JJ reminds us that we’ve got to talk to ourselves like our own best friend. If you can learn to have a strategy to be your own best coach – the world’s your oyster.

She shares her top tips on how we can be our own best coach, including the importance of self-talk. JJ also gives us some empowering questions to ask next time we’re feeling stuck. JJ reminds us that to be a master of your mind it’s so important to protect your energy and surround yourself with a tribe that sees your beauty and talent.

JJ’s shares that she’s always on the look out for new mentors but her top three are Tony Robbins, Lisa Nickels and her son. She explains how her son has taught her to bust her beliefs, which has been transformative for her life.

In our conversation, JJ reminds us to work through our mistakes and not expect perfection – be a forever learner!

This was such an incredible conversation. JJ encourages us to play big and move beyond our own limitations – you’re going to feel so inspired!

Tony Robbins
Lisa Nichols

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