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What most people don’t know about me

By November 16, 2022Articles
Julie Hyde

Along with working out which bathers need to be chucked out, whether I need a jazzier beige sandal and where I want to be to ring in 2023, I always do one thing every time a new year ticks over: a little mindset audit.

Sounds woo-woo? Trust me, it’s going to take you places. It all goes to understanding what you want to achieve. What you want to be known for. What type of leader you need to be. What outcome you want in life and business for the next 12 months.

Whatever it is you want to be celebrating this time next year, you’re going to need a mindset that inspires it.

I encourage you to really understand whatever it is that’s dragging you down and disempowering you. Get clear about what makes you feel awful. There will be a common thread: could be when you’re under the pump with time, don’t have clear communication with a team member, don’t really know what’s being asked of you and you’re having to wing it.

Then, flip it. Also identify what are the times when you’re feeling great, what lights you up, what and who inspires you. Then work hard to cram as much of that into your days as you can, while ditching the negative stuff.

My mood is driven by the weather. In Victoria we’ve had a winter and spring of grim, grey wetness. I have to be really conscious of how it affects me so I don’t plunge into doom and gloom. Here’s what I do when I’m feeling sad …

I put on Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me.

Bad, isn’t it? I know, but I love it. It’s my song. I put it on, strut around, sing every word. Then I’m off and running. Once I start to feel happier, it’s contagious. I grab my list and procrastination stops, I’m energised, I feel fun, playful and ready to take on the day.

At the tail end of the ghastly wet weather, we had a long weekend in Daylesford. I was all wallowing and mopey about the rain. My husband saved us: “Seriously, mindset person, pull yourself together. Who cares about rain? We’re waterproof. Let’s find things to do.” We booked a massage, walked around the shops and had the instant best afternoon ever.

Which song or other mindset shifter is your go to? Let’s see if anyone can beat my Def Leppard obsession. Don’t be shy!