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Resilience Recipes That Work for Your Wellbeing with Fleur Heazelwood

By January 23, 2024Podcasts

In our fast-paced and demanding world, finding ways to prioritise our well-being can often feel like a challenge.

In this episode, we dive into this problem with the incredible Fleur Heazelwood, a leadership expert, founder of the Blueberry Institute, and author of Resilience Recipes. She shares her journey in the corporate world, the lessons she learned from it, and the wisdom she has gained further studying resilience.

Fleur doesn’t like the traditional notion of work-life balance and proposes a more holistic approach to well-being. She emphasises that our lives should not be divided into separate compartments, but rather, we should view it as one interconnected whole. By considering work as just one piece of the larger puzzle of life, we can find a better balance that aligns with our priorities and values.

Fleur believes that resilience is a skill set that can be developed. She discussed the importance of emotional agility, mental adaptability, and optimizing energy as key components of building resilience. By understanding our strengths and weaknesses in these areas, we can create a personalised resilience recipe that suits our unique needs.

Fleur emphasised the role of leaders in fostering workplace well-being. She highlighted the importance of leaders prioritising their well-being first to be able to support their teams effectively. Fleur’s second book focuses on how leaders can create a high-performing team by introducing conversations around mental health and cultivating a supportive team environment.

I know you’ll love this conversation with Fleur and her insights into prioritizing well-being and incorporating resilience into our daily lives. Enjoy!

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