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The Diversity Advantage – Fiona Pearman

By September 1, 2020March 26th, 2021Podcasts

My guest today is Fiona Pearman.

Fiona is the founder and Director of Pearman Partners, a facilitator & speaker. She is a game changer, thought leader and status quo challenger – how awesome is that!

Fiona is a sought-after opinion leader, panellist and speaker on creating gender equal and inclusive workplaces, where everyone can thrive. She works with organisations to deeply understand the underpinning systemic and structural barriers that impact gender diversity at senior levels.

She is the co-author of Core Confidence. which examines the reasons why professional women can be perceived as less confident than men.

Fiona’s background as a corporate brand strategist means she understands the benefits for organisations in fully leveraging the power of gender diversity.

In this podcast we will discuss why a gender balanced leadership of your company will create the conditions to outperform the market and give you a competitive advantage – and how to get there.

We also cover:

  • Where the obstacles are for gender balance
  • The opportunities for leaders to lead the change
  • How confidence can play a part in holding woman back

This is a really insightful chat with Fiona who offers some deep insights and valuable tips for all of us and encourages us to look within in order to progress improved gender diversity within senior leadership positions.


Pearman & Partners

Fiona Pearman