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The Power of One Thing with Fiona Jefferies

By September 5, 2022Podcasts


Content warning – this conversation touches on suicide. If you are triggered by the themes in this episode, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.


It is an honour to be sharing a conversation with Fiona Jefferies today who has created a highly successful all-women agency in a man’s world. Fiona is the founder of Diva Works, which designs and delivers sales office fit-outs for blue-chip property clients including Stockland and Lendlease.

Fiona has long been fascinated by the power of smart design, spending most of her pre-teen years designing the perfect Barbie dream house and arm wrestling her parents, sister and pet dachshund into attending art exhibitions she staged in her bedroom.

Since launching Diva Works in 2001 from her dining room table with a $5,000 loan, Fiona and her team have delivered over 1000 sales offices which are the ultimate in first impressions. She creates environments that win customers and sell out developments sooner.

Fiona is a self proclaimed music snob who worships at the church of rock and is a truly inspirational woman. I know you’ll get a lot out of what Fiona has to share with you today.

In this episode, Fiona and I talk about a number of topics, including her impressive journey in the construction industry, the biggest challenges she has faced both in life and business, the importance of relationships, and her secret to success.

Fiona talks about taking action every day, even if you don’t want to, why business owners need to get over themselves to rely on their team, and the importance of having personal practices in place to maintain balance in life.

Fiona opens up about her very personal struggle during a time when she hit rock bottom. Overworked and overwhelmed, Fiona wanted to end her life and she shares how focusing on just doing one thing was the key to helping her climb out of the pit of despair. Each step is meaningful, no matter how small and Fiona shares her story to help others who might be in the same isolated and lonely place she once lived.

Fiona’s journey, both personal and professional, is such an inspiration and she is certainly a woman who is making it count.


Book mentioned: The One Thing by Gary Keller

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