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The Upstander Effect – Jessica Hickman

By July 8, 2020March 26th, 2021Podcasts

My guest today is the courageous Jessica Hickman.

As the founder of Bullyology and Upstand Academy, Jessica is known globally as ‘The Bullyologist’. Bullyology is a professional anti-bullying methodology derived from personal experiences and meticulous research, dedicated to breaking the silence on bullying while striving to promote healthy workplace relationships.

Jessica’s mission is to create thriving workplace cultures where individuals are empowered to be Upstanders rather than silent bystanders.

Jessica has worked across the UK and Australia in multiple industries including public and private sectors. She is known for her work delivering an improved workplace culture winning multiple industry awards. Delivering motivational workshops with passion and commitment to engage internal staff and external clients on ‘unspeakable’ topics. Her passion lays with delivering social inclusion programs to promote equality, psychological safety and trust within the workplace.

Jessica describes how she now uses her adversity as her superpower to make a difference for others. She is super passionate and driven to do this and we chat about:

  • Jessica’s journey to becoming known as the Bullyologist
  • The Upstander effect
  • Tips to becoming an Upstander
  • The shift in bullying now more people are working from home
  • How we can all make a difference in this space