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Why We Can’t Stay Stuck in the Past with Kerri-Ann Hooper

By February 20, 2023Podcasts

Today I chat with the wonderful Kerri-Ann Hooper, one of the only women in Australia with their own range of house plans in the male-dominated building industry.

Kerri-Ann founded her property business Carnelian Projects over a decade ago where she creates forever homes, amazing investments for clients and has generated over 50 million dollars in sales.

Having watched her parents’ devastating experience during the Global Financial Crisis, Kerri-Ann shares the important lessons she learnt and the mindset she has adopted for responding to crises in business.

Kerri-Ann gives us a raw account of how this devastation affected her family and offers her thoughts on living in the here and now in order to recover.

We dive into why getting stuck in the past can cause us and our loved ones harm, and the importance of seeking help when facing huge challenges.

I hope today’s episode is an encouragement to anyone struggling in their business to stick it out, to know there are ways to bring positivity back to your life and that you don’t have to go it alone.

Connect with Kerri-Ann:
Instagram: @carnelianprojects
Facebook: @carnelianprojects

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