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A Story of Resilience, Leadership and Courage.

By July 31, 2019Videos

Back in June of this year, I got the opportunity to interview AFLW Collingwood Captain Stephanie Chiocci at my Disruption, Women, and Wine dinner.

Not only is this a great chat about leadership and resilience but this is a valuable insight into one of our millennial leaders. You will get an insight into what is important to Steph about leadership and how she positions herself as a leader and why she won’t be swayed to do her leadership in any other way than what she believes is right.

This takes absolute courage and confidence and also clarity in who you are and what you stand for. I admire her passion and determination.

Being in the public eye, Steph faces into many challenges, particularly when the performance of the team isn’t up to scratch, however, one of her biggest challenges is also social media.

I really hope you enjoy this and it’s also a great tool to use for discussion with your team and even your children. Steph shares some very pertinent points for our times.

Thanks to Ayda Hornak from Inside Play for partnering with me on this.