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Ep22: Jeni Clift – Playing to People’s Strengths.

By July 23, 2019March 26th, 2021Articles, Podcasts

Joining me on the podcast today is Jeni Clift.

Jeni is the General Manager at DWM Solutions, a successful, and international award-winning, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) business that she and husband Nick have been running for more than 17 years.

Prior to starting DWM Solutions, Jeni did contract work for many companies in the corporate landscape including KPMG, Morgan & Banks, National Australia Bank and Unisys.  Her background and experience in her own business have given her a wealth of insight and knowledge in creating a successful business environment through understanding attitudes, motivators, values and behaviours that drive business growth and development.

This is a great chat about how to attract and retain a team that is aligned with your values.
We chat about:

  • Some insights into DWM’s success
  • The power of playing to people’s strengths
  • How implementing coaching has transformed her business and relationships
  • How Jeni makes working with her husband ‘work’.

Enjoy my chat with Jeni.

DWM Solutions