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Are You A Bear, Lion or Wolf?

By June 2, 2022Articles

Winter has hit Melbourne with a vengeance and I’m finding it so hard to get out of bed! Which brings me to the topic of sleep.

What is your relationship with sleep like? Do you value it and all of the health benefits that come from it? Or is it something that you compromise due to busyness or a Netflix series binge session?

I have always loved my sleep. I come from a family of good sleepers! Even my niece and nephew were good little sleepers as young kids. However, I haven’t always valued it in the way that I should and I paid the price getting incredibly run down and close to burn out. Now sleep is something I treasure and protect with some strong boundaries.

Something you may not be aware of is there are 3 sleep chronotypes – Lion, Bear and Wolf and understanding what these are will help you to sleep better!

I find the conversations about sleep fascinating. So many people seem to pride themselves on how little sleep they have, especially in the start-up space. Many in corporate boast that they are the last to turn the lights off in the office or still tapping away at 2am on their laptop. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get that there are periods that we have to get stuff done due to workloads or tight time frames but this shouldn’t be the norm.

One in three Australian’s have problems with their sleep. Further to this, compromising on sleep is detrimental to your physical, emotional and cognitive health; it contributes to anxiety and the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

This is why I partnered with Olivia Arezollo to chat with me on Making It Count. Olivia is Australia’s leading sleep expert and she shares so many tips on how to improve your sleep, the number one thing that affect sleep, the 3 sleep chronotypes, and why sleep is so important for our health. She shares the science of it and we chat about the impact of coffee too!! Is it bad for sleep? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Once you listen to this podcast, you’ll be sleeping like a champion! Jump over to my podcast page and tune in.